Apple has released two separate updates. WebObjects 5.2 Developer and WebObjects 5.2 Deployment.

Apple warns: "If you have WebObjects 5.2 Developer installed on Mac OS X 10.3, you need the WebObjects 5.2.3 Developer update. If you have WebObjects 5.2 Deployment installed on Mac OS X Server 10.3, you need the WebObjects 5.2.3 Deployment update. You do not need both on any system."

The WebObjects 5.2.3 deployment update is part of Application Servers Update 1.0 which upgrades various Java application server components in Mac OS X Server 10.3.

These include: WebObjects 5.2.3 deployment, which contains many important fixes and is qualified on the Java 1.4.2 platform; JBoss is upgraded to version 3.2.3 and contains new security features and fixes; and Tomcat has been updated to version 4.1.29 and is now fully integrated with the JBoss distribution.

Apple recommends this update to deployers of applications on WebObjects, JBoss, or Tomcat on Mac OS X Server 10.3. The update also includes WebObjects 5.2.3, which has formal support for Java 1.4.2.

The update requires: Mac OS X Server 10.3.3 and Java 1.4.2 (which is bundled with Mac OS X Server 10.3.3).


A separate WebObjects Developer 5.2.3 update addresses issues with CLOSE_WAIT states in deployment using JavaMonitor and wotaskd. It also addresses a number of issues related to EOF (End Of File) under high load.

Apple recommends: "WebObjects 5.2 users who want formal qualification and support for Java 1.4.2 should install this update. WebObjects 5.2 users who plan to develop their WO applications on Mac OS X 10.3.3 or who use the Xcode development tool suite or plan to deploy their WO 5.2 applications on Mac OS X Server 10.3.3, Windows, or Solaris should also install this update."

Both updates are available through the Software Update feature of Mac OS X. Apple says only the proper update for the software installed on a Mac will be visible and available for download if the Software Update option is used.