Apple has posted two updates.

The Application Servers Update 1.0 upgrades Java application server components shipped in Mac OS X Server 10.3. These include WebObjects 5.2.3 deployment – updated last week, JBoss – now updated to version 3.2.3, and version 4.1.29 of Tomcat. The update is 95MB.

Xserve Remote Diagnostics is a 1MB download that includes the xrdiags command line tool, the man page for xrdiags, standard (quick.tdf, extended.tdf) test files for xrdiags, and the hardware test components for Xserve Remote Diagnostics.

Apple warns that Xserve Remote Diagnostics will only install onto Mac OS X client version 10.3 and later boot volumes, or onto Mac OS X Server version 10.3.3 or later boot volumes.

If installing onto a Mac OS X Server boot volume, Apple indicates it is necessary to first configure the server for NetBoot before installing this software. Only Xserve G5 computers can NetBoot the installed software.