Apple's US education-focused PowerSchool division introduced version 3.5 of its student-information system yesterday.

PowerSchool is Web-based and supports up to 10,000 students. It focuses on pupil-records management, performance indicators and administration. The system is installed in nearly 4,000 schools and caters for two million students in US K12 schools (kindergarten to 12th grade) and school districts.

PowerSchool president Bob Longo said: "With innovative grading capabilities and new features including walk-in scheduling, PowerSchool 3.5 leads the way in easy to use and easy to implement student-information systems."

The new version includes an enhanced master Schedule Builder. This offers multi-day scheduling, visual schedule matrices, and scheduling reports that timetable course enrolment and furnish such information as: room bookings and under-scheduled students. The new version also introduces enhanced navigation and security features.

The solution is available now in the US. Apple does not offer its PowerSchool product outside the United States.