Apple yesterday introduced its new line of mobile labs – called the Curriculum Mobile Labs – for the US education market,.

The labs are designed to help students with reading, maths and science. The kits consist of hardware and research-based curriculum software.

Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of hardware product marketing, told MacCentral: "These are not just the labs we brought out three years ago and are leading the industry with, these are designed with a real focus on subject areas."

He added: "It's a combination of great curriculum software, Apple hardware as well as professional development courses."

The labs include curriculum software from companies such as Riverdeep, Fairfield Language Technologies, Future's Channel, Vernier, Bodelin and Wolfram Research. Wolfram today announced Mathematica Teacher's Edition for Mac OS X, which is an integral part of the Math Curriculum Mobile Lab.

The labs are custom built for the needs of the US education segment. It’s not yet clear if or when similar solutions will be offered in the UK and European markets.