Apple is in talks to set up a new laptops-for-students deal with a US school district in Iowa. reports that the North Winneshiek school board will vote next month on proposals to give every student between 5th and 8th grade a Mac.

Apple will charge $21,000 per year for three years for the purchase lease, after which the district will be able to buy the laptops for a notional $1 each.

Meanwhile, parents in Colorado's Boulder Valley school district are reportedly furious at a recent decision to replace the district's fleet of Macs with PCs from HP, MacObserver reports.

They claim they were deceived by the board, and that the deal wasn't put out to tender, with only one manufacturer - HP - asked to provide a bid.

In a laughable justification a school board member told the local paper: "The PC platform should free up time for technical support staff, allowing them to address computer problems faster."