Apple has announced that three more major US-educational districts will adopt its PowerSchool student-information system.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivered the news during his keynote speech at the opening of the prestigious US
National Educational Computing Conference, Chicago. Chicago Public Schools, the Archdiocese of Baltimore and Fremont Union High School District have all chosen Apple's recently acquired solution.

The company revealed that nearly 3,000 schools have committed to using PowerSchool. This is a Web-based student-information system that lets teachers, administrators and districts manage and monitor student performance. Parents can also access the system in order to track their kid's academic performance.

Student numbers Chicago Public Schools is the third largest educational district in the US, with over 601 schools and 434,000 students. Baltimore has 37,000 students housed in 100 schools, and Fremont possesses five schools and nearly 9,000 students.

Jobs said: "We're in education not just because we want to make revenue and profits, although that's important, but because we give a damn."

Education drive Jobs added: "Apple is number one in education portables, number one in education wireless networking, number one in education digital-media solutions, such as desktop movie making, and now number one in Web-based student information systems with PowerSchool.

“We’re listening to teachers, students, parents and administrators and working as hard as we can to deliver the best solutions possible to education.”

Apple is focusing on this major educational event to spearhead its attempt to regain the number one position in the US education market. Dell took this position from Apple following last summers sales force reorganization.

Apple is exhibiting at the show, presenting iBooks, AirPort networks and the advanced networking and control features of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. The company is also raising the profile of its software solutions for the education market, highlighting iMovie and iDVD - its desktop video-editing and DVD-burning solutions.