The Apple US Web site is carrying a tribute to musician George Harrison, who passed away Thursday following a struggle against cancer.

A visit to the site brings a picture of Harrison with a link to a QuickTime movie biography about his life from This afternoon Apple UK's site also began carrying its own tribute for the founder member of 60s legends The Beatles.

Harrison's family has asked fans to join them in a minute of meditation in tribute to Harrison's life. He was cremated in a cardboard coffin without ceremony hours after his death in an arrangement reputed to have cost just £350. It is thought his ashes will be scattered on a river in India, near his favourite spiritual hideaway. Harrison's wife Olivia and son Dhani are asking fans to meditate at 21:30pm (GMT), Monday.

Reports claim Harrison laid down 25 tracks before he died for an album he referred to as 'Portrait of a Leg-end', in reference to his connection with Monty Python's Flying Circus.