Burst.com and Apple have reached a mutual agreement that gives Burst.com more time to respond to a complaint filed against it by Apple.

The news means Burst.com now has until March 29 to respond to the complaint. The response was originally scheduled to be heard today.

Burst publishes and creates media delivery technology. Apple filed suit against the company on January 4, with Apple alleging that patents owned by Burst are invalid.

The two companies have been engaged in lengthy negotiations to issue a licence for Burst's patents to cover Apple's iPod and iTunes products. Burst first approached Apple on these matters in late 2004.

The company claims that Apple's Quicktime, iPod and iTunes products, (including Apple's iTunes Music Store) use technologies for which the patent belongs to Burst.

Apple argues that the patents do not belong to Burst. Last year Burst settled litigation with Microsoft, who took a licence and paid Burst a $60 million lump sum.