Apple has won its legal battle, over the eOne iMac lookalike, with Japanese PC-maker Sotec.

According to a story on The Register, Sotec has agreed to stop making and distributing the eOne, and to pay Apple up to $94,000 in damages.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Sotec in August last year, (see news story) accusing the company of infringing Apple’s copyright with the blue-&-white, all-in-one, Windows-based PC. Apple won a temporary injunction against the company in September, preventing it from making, selling and distributing the eOne.

Sotec responded to the injunction by producing a new eOne model, this time with a silver casing. According to The Register’s story, the company is continuing to sell this new version.

The Sotec case is one of a handful of lawsuits that Apple has brought in an attempt to protect the iMac’s design. Lawsuits against eMachines and Daewoo are still pending.