Apple has posted two videos on its Web site that are designed to demonstrate why Mac OS X is the best platform for scientific research.

Why Mac for Science includes interviews with a number of top scientists who describe the advantages of the platform from the ease of administration to the ability to run "anything any one needs on one desktop".

Apple senior VP of software engineering Bud Tribble makes a number of observations about the needs of the science community and claims: "Use of the Mac in scientific computing is absolutely exploding today.

The Unix base of OS X is focused on as a particular benefit, with some commenting that this means it is possible to make use of open source software. Tribble explains that it means that Mac OS X is able to: "Fit into today's diverse computing environments whether that be Windows or Linux."

Other factors focused on in the videos are the fact that the total cost of ownership is low and the speed. As MIT professor Ed Delong explains: "Jobs that used to take a week on a desk top computer we can now analyse in hours".