The Fool's Tim Beyers also has some theories about the real reasons for Apple's move to Intel chips.

He thinks that the reason for the Intel deal is "to lure those buying computers from Dell - or Gateway, or Acer, or even iPod partner HP - into trying a Mac."

Beyers certainly doesn't think that the Intel connection means Apple will allow other PCs to run the Mac OS. His reasoning: "Apple isn't a software company; it is, and always has been, a device company."

"Jobs wants to sell millions of screaming-fast $2,000-$3,000 laptops and hundreds of millions of iPods. Licensing the Mac OS doesn't fit with that agenda," Beyers writes.

And don't expect the chip switch to mean cheaper Macs. "Apple has run on excruciatingly thin margins for years. It's a good bet that Jobs will do whatever he can to keep margins closer to what Dell enjoys," writes Beyers.