Apple's product manager for Open Source and standards has moved to minimise reports that the company's focus on open source is fading.

Infoworld columnist Tom Yager last week speculated that Apple's commitment to sharing the code within Mac OS X's Darwin kernel was fading. He noted that Apple hadn't yet shared the source code for Darwin on Intel processors.

Writing on an Apple Open Source mailing list, Apple product manager, Ernest Prabhakar, said: "Just to be clear, Tom Yager was speculating about why we have - so far - not released the source code of the kernel for Intel-based Macs.  We continue to release all the Darwin sources for our PowerPC systems, and so far have released all the non-kernel Darwin sources for Intel."

Prabhakar pointed out that some speculation is possible, because "nothing has been announced," by Apple so far.

As such, "Yager (and everyone else) certainly has the right to speculate. But please don't confuse speculation with fact," he warned.