Apple will announce its first-quarter 2004 financial results on Wednesday January 14. A conference call webcast will be broadcast via Apple's Web site from 10pm GMT.

The company has issued no missed-targets warnings in the current quarter, in which it introduced the 20-inch iMac, the G4 iBooks, and the 1.8 dual-processor G5 Power Mac, updated the iPod range, and lowered the price of eMacs.

Apple also opened the first Apple Store outside the US, in Tokyo.

According to sales figures outlined in its annual report, Apple expects to use $160 million in 2004 for capital spending. The company's capital expenditure in 2003 was $164 million, including $92 million for retail stores and equipment and $72 million for corporate infrastructure.

Following the release of the report, Apple's shares gained 15 cents – closing at $19.85.