Apple's website remains the world's most visited computer manufacturer site with visitors spending over an hour on average visiting the place, Nielsen/NetRatings reports.

It appears that the average time per visit to the Apple website is one hour, 19 minutes and 25 seconds (1:19:25), with 43.5 million unique visitors in January alone, up 24 per cent from the same month one year ago.

HP took second place in terms of the number of visitors with 16 million, while Dell came second in terms of duration of visits, with an average 19 minutes and 32 seconds duration per visitor.

Staff Edit:The extra hour spent surfing the Apple site may be due to music fans searching through the iTunes Store. iTunes is hosted at However, it is not clear whether Nielsen/NetRatings includes the figures from this section of the site. It's also likely that the hubbub around the iPhone/Apple TV launch, Apple's feature stories and tech support and the Apple Store will have driven traffic to the site.