Apple stands at a crossroads, with its best chance yet to build marketshare - and is likely to repeat its Switch campaign. speculates that the glow of success around the iPod, climbing Mac sales and the most sophisticated operating system available on the market, Apple is in good position to drive its sales forward.

"Apple is clearly gearing up a campaign to beckon a few disillusioned Windows users into its open arms before Microsoft's own next-generation operating system, Longhorn, comes to town next year," the report says.

Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger' wins praise, as an "embellished and polished upgrade". The report points to Apple's call for stories from iPod users that have switched to Mac, citing this as evidence Apple intends reengaging in its Switch campaign.

However, the report doesn't expect the world to turn upside down: "There's no realistic anticipation that Apple will regain huge tracts of market share. The OS wars are long over; Microsoft won."