Apple may sell over one million notebooks in its current quarter - a new company record, according to Credit Suisse analyst, Robert Semple.

In a research note distributed to clients yesterday, he increased his estimated MacBook shipments to 775,000 units for the September quarter.

"Our channel checks indicate overall MacBook shipments are tracking at approximately 200,000 ahead of our initial estimate of 580,000," he wrote.

The analyst also expects Apple to sell 250,000 MacBook Pros in the current quarter. The two figures mean Apple may achive a combined 1,025,000 portable Mac sales in the 13-week quarter for 2,908,000 sales in FY 2006.

"We believe this combination of timing, improved performance, and the initial stages of the iPod halo effect are playing the most significant roles to date in generating demand for the MacBook," he said, according to AppleInsider.

The analyst predicts Apple's notebook sales will continue to climb in the coming months.