Apple Europe's senior director, Brendan O'Sullivan, has said that despite the depressed computer-market, Apple has not experienced the "blood-bath" he expected.

Dublin-born O'Sullivan, in an interview with The Irish Times, said: "The Christmas quarter across the world was poor and everyone suffered, but there hasn't been the bloodbath in pricing that was expected."

O'Sullivan stressed that Apple would weather the storm assailing the personal-computer market by continuing to deliver innovative products.

O'Sullivan is based at Apple's Paris headquarters. The company also has a sizable presence in Cork, where the company employs nearly 1,100 people, mainly in customer and tech support and manufacturing.

Safe jobs O'Sullivan's said that despite the volatile market, Apple's Irish employees should feel secure. He added: "We have recently transferred our European customer support services and finance functions to Cork, and it has become a campus rather than just a manufacturing base."

Inspiring another wave of pre-Expo speculation, the paper claims that Apple will introduce several new products in Tokyo this week. O'Sullivan says the company will "keep innovating with portable products such as the iBook".

O'Sullivan also discussed the challenge faced by Apple as it attempts to convince its users to upgrade. Saying that Apple computers are longer-lasting than most, he said he knows of some schools still using Macs over a decade old.