By forcing Microsoft to offer a version of its Windows operating system that does not include its Media Player software, the European Union has assisted Apple in its domination of the music market, according to a music industry commentator.

And the irony is that it was Real Networks that lobbied the European court, not Apple, points out Audiogogo.

In an article entitled: EU and Real Networks Gift-wrap Europe for Apple this Christmas, Audiogogo states that Real "may be benefiting from the decision as much as Netscape did a previous decision to allow it to run better on Windows".


The article explains: "In the time that the court has taken to consider Real Networks' concerns about Windows having too much control of the media player market, Apple has been effectively rendering their arguments obsolete and showing that aggressively well-thought-out strategies can compete with Microsoft."

The article states: "Real has shot itself in the foot because "the more WMA players sold the more likely Real would have had a foot in the door of organizations and households that had both iPod and WMA player owners. The EU ruling weakens the WMA side and strengthens the iPod-iTunes side. This does not help Real Networks at all".