According to Yale Information Technology Services' (ITS) registration records, nearly 20 per cent of University students and 33 per cent of faculty choose Macs over Windows PCs.

"With a reinvented, cutting-edge operating system and a cool, sleek design, Apple is clawing its way to technological equality on campus," writes Yale Daily News.

ITS director Philip Long said: "ITS does not try to show favouritism to one brand in meeting the different computing demands of students and faculty. But for most students, the decision comes down to whether or not it can get the job done."

The article includes comments from a number of students, explaining their motivations in choosing the Mac over PC. For one, "frustration with bugs, crashes and general unpleasantness that plagued his Windows experience outweighed the cost of the Apple PowerBook he purchased." For another "the compatibility between Macs and Linux, and the large number of programs which have been ported – or modified to work on multiple platforms – by open-source organizations."

There are computer clusters for Windows, Linux and Mac computers on campus, and ITS offers discount programs for both Apple and Dell.