Apple is well on the way to winning over Windows users, a leading UK technology writer believes.

Charles Arthur, writing in national newspaper The Independent, says the launch of Panther and iTunes for Windows means Apple is on its way to winning over Windows users. He adds that the virus problems that blights Windows users is another reason why many will make the change.

Of the launch of iTunes for Windows, Arthur says: "It behaves exactly like iTunes on a Mac. This is a small step towards getting mindshare among buyers of computers about what their next machine might be.”

On viruses he says: "Since Mac OS X was launched in 2001 there hasn't been a single virus or worm discovered that will infect it. For Windows XP, launched slightly later, we're on to something like 40 updates this year for the operating system and applications. Some say it's because OS X is inherently more secure than Windows – which it is – some that it's because OS X has fewer users."

Arthur examines other Apple strategies, including the company's moves into scientific computing and Panther's ability to "talk seamlessly to Windows machines, and share and host their files".

This report follows the newspaper’s positive review of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther published recently.