Apple has been awarded a Technical Grammy for the contribution its computers have made to music technology. An award was also made to Robert Moog, creator of the Moog synthesizer.

Recording Academy president and CEO Michael Greene said: "The inventiveness and versatility of Apple are the towering achievements of true visionaries. The products of their inspiration introduced electronic technology into the public consciousness, put the power of creation in the hands of the individual, and revolutionized the recording industry."

Apple is praised for being the "leading architect" in bringing computer technology into the studio. Apple is "revolutionizing the way music is written, produced, mixed, recorded and creatively imagined", says the academy. Apple's Macintosh computer comes in for particular praise.

The academy adds: "The creation of the Macintosh sparked a flurry of creativity that continues today. With the Mac's powerful new processors and new, Apple-driven applications - such as DVD Studio Pro - Apple continues to build on its historic role in moving studio technology forward." The academy's full statement is online.