Apple is continuing to make inroads into the UK education market.

Working with Mac reseller, Dreamtek, Apple has most recently seen its solutions adopted in Hackney Community College, Warwickshire College, City of Sunderland College and prestigious East London venue the Ocean.

Hackney community College has acquired 42 eMacs and an Xserve. The machines are used in the institutions multimedia department for video editing. All the Macs connected over a LAN (Local Area Network) with the Xserve at its hub, serving up QuickTime content for video-editing courses.

The Ocean in Hackney has acquired ten iMac-based audio workstations, equipped with Cubase SX for X. The machines will be used to train local people in digital audio recording and mixing. The location also has a fully equipped professional recording studio.

City of Sunderland College has acquired four complete Final cut pro systems with cameras and DV decks. The College is also using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop in these installations for special effects and compositing work.

Finally, Warwickshire College has installed an iBook wireless DV lab, equipped with Canon DV cameras for its multimedia courses.