Apple has won the Outlook 4Mobility 2003 Innovation awards, presented during the 13th annual Wireless Dinner.

Apple won praise for "showing the industry that Wi-Fi is cost-effective for mass adoption and for leading 802.11g implementation".

Analyst firm In-Stat predicts that 8.618 million 802.11g-enabled devices ('nodes') will be in use by 2005, and expects take up this year to reach 1.878 million, according to figures released in December 2002.

Four other mobile technology firms won praise: Digital Orchid, for "leading innovation with affinity group marketing"; Monet Mobile Networks, for "implementing the first commercial CDMA2000 wireless network in the US"; Nextel Communications for innovation in "wide-area voice push-to-talk services"; and Research in Motion for "the first complete wireless email solution."

The Outlook 4Mobility 2003 Innovation awards also produces wireless publication, Wireless Outlook.