Leopard users are becoming restless at Apple's latest about face, this time regarding its position for use of Time Machine with network disks and the AirPort Extreme Base Station.

Apple has told TidBIT's editor Glenn Fleishman that use of network hard drives with an AirPort Extreme and Time Machine is "unsupported". And yet the company released software to enable such use just a few days ago.

The move means users seeking to combine AirPort Extreme with TIme Machine now have an unsupported system. Fleishman reports: "What a "lack of support" means is that if you attempt to use an 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station for Time Machine backup, you won't get any help from Apple's technical support."

It's a confounding situation, given that support for the much-wanted feature is now officially included within the latest iteration of the OS and its AirPort applications.