Apple may see its global slice of the PC market take a rapid Northward hike to five per cent, says Morgan Stanley.

The analyst firm raised its estimate on the company to $60, claiming a recent customer survey that showed the iPod halo factor to be generating far more Mac migration than anticipated.

"Users of iPods had a 19 per cent PC to Macintosh platform conversion rate compared with a street expectation of 10 per cent," the analyst said. The survey also said that all PC makers are vulnerable to Apple's market assault, particularly HP.

iPod customers moving to Mac: "Implies two points of global PC market share gain for Apple in 2005 to 5 per cent from 3 per cent", the analyst said, according to Forbes.

Estimated revenues for Apple were revised to $16.942 billion for calendar 2005; with 2006 earnings estimated at a colossal $25.657 billion.

Commenting on Apple's iPod-driven turnaround, Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg. told MacCentral: "The luster that the brand currently has because of sales of the iPod combined with what is perceived as a very affordable product and carrying the prestige of the Apple brand is definitely going to help them."

Gartenberg also banged the gavel on discussions of Apple's mortality, saying: "We are past the discussion point of 'will Apple be in business next year, will the Mac be around next year,'" he said, "Only the foolish among us are still debating that question."

"Apple is defining the rules; Apple is defining the market - everyone else is in a reactive and responsive mode. As long as that's the case Apple will continue to be successful," he added.