Mac OS X 10.3.4 implements several security enhancements, Apple claims.

Reports from security experts Secunia and Security Tracker both offer Apple's claims that the update repairs an "issue in NFS (Network File System) logging when tracing system calls".

Additional security enhancements featured in the update, according to Secunia, include:

Fixes to an unspecified error within the Login Window when handling directory services look-ups and console log files; a fix for an unspecified error within Packaging during package installation; repair to an unspecified error within the TCP/IP stack implementation when handling out-of-sequence TCP packets; a fix for an unspecified error within AppleFileServer when using SSH and reporting errors; and reparation of an unspecified error within Terminal when handling URLs.

Apple's quiet decision to shed a little more light on the security components of the system update follow reports last week critical of the company practice of remaining deeply reticent in discussing such issues.

Mac users should upgrade to Mac OS X 10.3.4, the companies say.