Apple's new alliance with Intel may promote a new phase of innovation in the technology industry.

Calling the move a "turning point in the personal computer industry", an IT Week opinion piece states that Apple may be the one company in the industry prepared to utilize Intel's most advanced processor technologies.

The processor company: "Has come up with a roadmap for powerful multiple core processors with hugely improved power consumption, enabling products that get even closer to the Star Trek-fuelled dreams of its engineers, and yet - no one seems to want to share those dreams."

It points to the general focus on price as a driver for leading PC companies reluctance to exploit powerful new technologies. "Elegant engineering projects ... are ripped to shreds in the interests of making them work in cut-throat volume manufacturing."

Apple isn't like that. The company is a "design-led lover of technology", with the "coolest-looking OS on the planet", IT Times says.

"This is exactly the kind of partner Intel needs to help it promote its vision for new uses of computing."

Intel may also benefit from Apple's "foothold," in key areas: "Medical and scientific computing, consumer electronics, servers, laptops and desktop PCs."