Apple/Pixar CEO is reportedly in talks with Comcast CEO Brian Roberts as the latter attempts to gather support for his company's bid to take control of Disney.

The New York Post claims Roberts is "wooing" Jobs. "Comcast execs believe they will have an easier time convincing Disney shareholders to accept their buyout proposal if it is likely to come with a renewed movie deal with Pixar," the report says.

It also reports rumours that Jobs is engaged in active discussions with "numerous parties" aimed at assembling his own bid for ailing Disney.

The report's available online.

In related news: The war of words between Apple/Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and beleaguered Disney CEO Michael Eisner ramped up another notch yesterday, when Eisner spoke with investors in Orlando, Florida.

Eisner may or may not have resorted to a Disney scriptwriter to come up with his dig agianst Jobs, following the collapse of talks between Disney and Pixar last week: "He created the computer, or at least Windows, or whatever he created, and did a good job", he said. Appreciative analysts howled.

Analysts also laughed at another Eisner wisecrack: "Acquisitions? Oh – we're buying Comcast!" a jocular Eisner said, referencing the latter firm's $66 billion bid for the company.

As well as stand-up comedy, Eisner hoped to show Disney investors that his company's strategy will pay off, promising strong growth until 2007, despite the eventual ending of Disney's highly-profitable relationship with Pixar, Reuters reports.