Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen sees Apple as both an important partner and a competitor.

Apple is an important partner because: "About 25 per cent of our business comes from people who own Macs", he told Cnet.

"That's a very loyal customer to Adobe and a very important customer as well. That's also a very important customer obviously to Apple. So it's in both of our best interests to partner, and I think we do a pretty good job of it," he explained.


However, the percentage of Adobe's business that comes from Mac users has decreased – although Chizen is quick to explain that this is because Acrobat has made inroads into the enterprise business, which is predominantly Windows based.

Chizen claims his company is also the "largest ISV (independent software vendor) for the Mac".

"If you look at which software company had more OS X applications available before anybody else, it was Adobe," he claimed.

As for competing, he explained: "There are some places where we do compete – in particular in video, and we have agreed to compete. And we compete ferociously."