Apple's 1984 ad came in second place in USA Today's online poll for the favourite advertisement from past Super Bowls.

The Super Bowl, American Football's season climax, is a national institution in the US. It attracts huge audiences for the event and massive TV coverage.

The ad was screened once at Super Bowl in 1984 to launch the Macintosh. The ad, directed by Ridley Scott, received critical acclaim as one of the greatest commercials ever made. It marked the beginning of the glory days of Apple, which ended with the removal of Steve Jobs as Apple CEO.

Big Brother 1984 reflects Apple's attitude of creative non-conformity. Set in a dull, Orwellian society, it features a female athlete running through a huge crowd to destroy Big Brother.

Over 75,000 votes were cast in USA Today's poll. Apple's ad came a creditable second - with 14,850 votes - to Coca-Cola's "Mean" Joe Greene ad, which received 15,159 votes. Visit USA Today to read the top ten results.

The newspaper's site also features links to the ads, but these are not in QuickTime, and Mac users have had problems watching them. However, the ad can be downloaded from Apple's advertising agency Chiat Day.