Apple UK continues to woo British architects, with news of a free seminar for members of that profession.

Apple's "Architecture by Design" seminar takes place on April 27 at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

The seminar aims to show professionals within the field how: "Apple technology meets the demands of the 21st century architecture studio. Find out how the Mac platform provides a stable and flexible environment for architects, offering unprecedented power, cross-platform compatibility and easy management," the company proclaims.

This seminar is aimed at architects, designers, economists and drafters, as well as students and teachers of architecture.

Topics will include Xserves, Power Mac G5s, VectorWorks Architect 11 software, ArchiCAD and more.

Sponsors include VectorWorks, GraphiSoft, RealViz, HP, Abvent, Informatix, @Last Software, Engineered Software and Microsoft.

Space is very limited - Apple is accepting registrations now.