Apple is focusing on a solutions-based approach for the UK education market, in the shape of special training sessions.

The training – dubbed Discovery Sessions – are half-day topic- and theme-led training sessions that allow participants to experiment with a wide range of technology solutions.

Apple's site claims that these are "designed with the needs of busy educators in mind". The events are designed to offer teachers a chance to receive advice and share their experience with peers, professionals and expert practitioners.

The theme of the first series of Discovery Sessions is desktop movies. This dovetails with Apple's view of video being a "educational enabler", a message it promoted at the recent UK technology-in-education show, BETT.

The digital video discovery sessions take a look at the potential of video in the classroom. They also teach a four-step approach: shoot, edit, enhance and share.

Apple UK hasn't yet announced its Discovery Session dates or venues. More information is available from Apple UK's Web site.