Alongside its release of the code for its Rendezvous IP networking configuration technology, Apple released Darwin 6.0.1, the code at the heart of Mac OS X 10.2 yesterday.

The software features enhancements from FreeBSD 4.4 and the KAME IPv6/IPsec code. It's available for both the PowerPC and x86 architectures, as is the updated Darwin Tools package. The Darwin Tools package enables developers to build Darwin components on top of Mac OS X itself.

This release offers several features of interest to developers, including better support for Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) threads, improved C library functions, and a variety of updated developer libraries and scripting languages.

Several licences govern this distribution - the Apple-developed portions are governed by its Apple Public Source License version 1.2; some portions of the distribution are governed by third-party licences; while Apple-provided drivers are available only as binary files, governed by the company's Binary Driver Software License Agreement.

The Release Notes warn that: "Darwin 6.0.1 should not be installed onto a Mac OS X partition. It is a goal for a future release of Darwin to be easily interchanged into a Mac OS X system."

The notes also tell developers that: "IDE drives may not work on x86. Try it. If it doesn't work, it's a known problem."