Apple has won the price war for music players, forcing Asian vendors to look to premium products with additional features if they are to stay in the game.

It appears Asian manufacturers are looking at developing more expensive devices with sleek designs in an attempt to fight Apple.

Reuters reports the music player market as a "cut-throat battle", which has been "decisively won" by Apple.

Analysts agree that a price war will benefit none: "Competition through price is not the answer to effectively compete with Apple," Jason Oh, an analyst at Goodmorning Shinhan Securities told Reuters. "It's about trying to find their uniqueness in the market and their own style."

Despite its present dominance, competitors are looking for just one mis-step on the part of Apple, and are ready to exploit such a step when it happens.

Apple's refusal to license technologies to help third-party manufacturers create iTunes-supporting devices may emerge as a problem, as consumers find other services for music buying that they prefer.

This would effectively force consumers to acquire non-Apple products.