Apple's free CD-RWs for PowerBook G4 laptops offer has been extended to the UK.

The promotion, which gives away a free SmartDisk VST CD-RW drive with every PowerBook G4 purchased, was originally announced in June on the US Apple Store.

Now the offer applies to G4s purchased through Apple Stores in the UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden.

The titanium PowerBook G4 is one-inch thick and weighs 2.4kg. It houses a PowerPC G4 processor and has speeds of up to 500MHz. The laptop has 1MB of backside level 2 cache with speeds of up to 250MHz.

The offer is open until July 27. A shipping fee of £15 is added onto the laptop's price – which ranges from £1,899 to £2,850.

News of this offer adds to speculation that Apple could be preparing to build a CD-RW into future versions of the PowerBook.