The Independent's Charles Arthur has put the Geniuses at Apple's Genius Bar to the test, and found them to be… well, geniuses.

He writes: "When you ask them something they don't know the answer to, they don't say, 'Er, I dunno,' in the time-honoured manner of staff in pretty much every major store in the land. They say - and I quote – 'I don't know that specific information. I'll get back to you.'

"And the Geniuses do know their stuff. Quiz them on how to make your Apple machine do this or that, and they will either know, or know who to ask, and turn up the response. This in itself may be the seed of a revolution for British retail: people who aren't working on commission, who are simply there to help you out, even if you're not buying anything, just because it makes you feel good."

The job is a popular one. According to Arthur: "When one left his position at Apple's store in Southern California recently, 268 people applied for the vacancy.

"At the new London store there were 50 applications for every one of the 14 Genius jobs."