Business Week has published a piece critical of Apple's decision to adopt former democratic US vice president Al Gore to its board.

The opinion piece by Alex Salkever brands Gore a "business novice", adding that "his board nomination raises questions about Apple's governance". He goes on: "Short [sell] the stock of any company employing a former Tennessee senator on its board," and cites a series of corporate scandals in the 1960s.

The piece does credit Gore with some achievement: "Gore is a savvy politician with a keen interest in technology and culture. He popularized the term 'information superhighway', but he doesn't belong on Apple's board."

He adds: "The worlds of politics and business, while intertwined, are quite different. In business, politicians don't know what they don't know."

Despite Salkever's concerns, Apple's board has to date consistently kept Apple financially healthy in a soft economy, while maintaining research and development spending, initiating a new retail strategy and expanding its market share.