Apple UK continues its drive to expand the company into new markets with its plans to "take centre stage" at the Complete ArchITect Event on June 18.

The architect's event takes place at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) building in London. It will showcase the latest CAD tools, 3D software and imaging solutions. It also features discussion groups with practicing architects, who will talk about the technologies they use.

Apple's attendance at the show comes as architects look at the company with renewed interest, tempted by Mac OS X's Unix underpinning.

In the US, AutoCAD developer AutoDesk is currently gathering feedback from Mac users on the feasibility of publishing market-leading CAD application AutoCAD on the Mac once again.

In another sign of the Mac's growing place in the market, Cyon Research Corp. and Architosh this morning revealed themselves to be assembling a report into the viability of bringing AutoCAD to the Mac. It will be published in June.

The report combines three years of feedback collected by Architosh with Cyon's own research.

Cyon CEO Brad Holtz said: "With Mac OS X, Apple became the largest supplier of Unix computers almost overnight. This has made the Mac, with its engaging user interface, more attractive to engineering professionals than ever before".

Architosh founder Anthony Frausto-Robledo said: "Our readers have been quite passionate in their drive to bring AutoCAD back to the Mac."