Apple’s iPod is more than just a music player – it’s also a powerful learning tool, according to Apple.

Audio has always had a place in the classroom but it is normally in the form of CDs or cassette tapes, making it a challenge to locate exactly the right material for the lesson. This has all changed thanks to the iPod, boasts Apple.

The iTunes Music Store can furnish teachers with audiobooks and even contemporary speeches. Each iPod can store the entire audio collection, managed in such a way that "pupils only get to listen to what you want them to hear", says the company.

Apple also recommends that the iPod is used with a Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder to record audio from class lectures. "The possibilities are endless for education — students can share personal notes, track small group discussions, or perform interviews," says Apple.

Apple features a "real-world classroom example" of children reading Carrie's War. The pupils used iTunes to explore dialogue in the book as part of a literature and a World War 2 history project.