iPods became the big-selling product for the US holiday season this weekend, as online retailer Best Buy, Amazon and eBay reported heavy demand for the music players.

Sales of black 4GB iPod nanos shot up 95 per cent, while the white version leaped 88 per cent between Friday November 25, and Saturday November 26, compared to a week earlier, according to eBay Marketplace Research, an eBay service that tracks purchasing behaviour.

Retailer Best Buy was sold out of both the white and black versions of the 4GB iPod nano through its online store.

The iPod nano was the sixth biggest-selling item on Amazon in the US.

The US celebrated Thanksgiving last week, after which consumers regularly begin their Christmas shopping. Apple has repeatedly confirmed “staggering” demand for its music players.

Other big-selling electronic products included: LeapFrog Enterprise's Fly Pentop Computer, and point-and-shoot digital cameras.

Sales of Kodak’s new 5.0 to 5.9-megapixel digital cameras climbed 163 per cent compared to the same time a week earlier, eBay said.

Sales of Fly Pentop Computers, pens that can keep a schedule, play music, calculate math problems, translate languages and more, increased a more modest 31 per cent, similar to Star Wars Lego sets, which rose 35 per cent, eBay said.

Apple shares climbed to $69.34.