Just a week after it emerged that a UK entrepreneur had registered the itunes.co.uk Web address, much to the annoyance of Apple, it has been revealed that the Web addresses itunes.co.nz and itunes.com.au have also been registered by third parties.

Apple is attempting to wrest control of itunes.co.uk from CyberBritain Holdings CEO Benjamin Cohen. The company claims that Cohen is cybersquatting – that he bought the name in order to sell it to Apple at a higher price. However, Cohen claims he bought the name before Apple launched iTunes.

New Zealand

itunes.co.nz was registered in October to Dunedin firm Dave Gee Online. Mr Goosselink says he isn't cybersquatting but chose the name because it would help him sell product – he says he intended to use the domain as an affiliate of other online vendors for iPods.

But he is happy to sell the domain to Apple. He told Stuff New Zealand: "If I can't find anything to do with it, and if they cover my costs to a reasonable extent, I'll be happy to give it to them," he says.


Similarly, itunes.com.au is owned by Capitol Bar and Lounge on the Australia Gold Coast. Spokesman Cameron McCrae says the company registered the site two years ago and intends to use it to host an Internet radio site.

McCrae is also willing to sell the domain.