Mac OS X Mail email program is the most popular among Macworld Online readers, a poll has revealed.

The poll, which asked: "Which Mac email program do you use?", revealed 33 per cent send and receive email with Mac OS X Mail.

Mail is an email application built-in to Mac OS X. Apple's proprietary technology behind the spam filter is known as adaptive latent semantic analysis. This allows users to “train” the OS to recognise junk mail.

The remaining 67 per cent were divided between MS Entourage, MS Outlook Express, MS Outlook, Eudora, Mailsmith, QuickMail Pro, PowerMail, Nisus Email and Netscape.

Popular After Mac OS X Mail, the next highest scoring programs were Quick Mail Pro – 19 per cent – and MS Entourage selected by 17 per cent of the 1,731 that voted. Nissus Mail garnered 11 per cent of votes. Remaining votes were distributed between the other email programs.

"It 's about time Apple had its own," was one reader's grudging response.

"Surprised, but glad to see Mac OS X Mail at the top of the list," was another comment.

In a show of support for Mac, one voter said: "I do own Entourage, but why should I use it? I prefer to support Apple's own mail client."

"The new OS X Mail program is great. I love the way it sorts my junk mail," a reader applauded.

"I still use Claris E-mailer even under OS X – no viruses, no hypertext, mail actions – still a strong mailer."

"I've been using Eudora over the past years, but I had to change to OS X Mail due to compatibility reasons. Now I know I'll never change back," was another reader's response.

One reader expressed doubt: "I also use OS X Mail for my personal email. I wanted to test it to see how it performed. I'm not greatly impressed, it's good, but has nothing on Entourage."

"I use Entourage, only because I don't have 10.2 and Outlook is OS 9 only," explained one reader.

"A lot of the Mac OS X Mail users are biased towards Mac products for their own sake, but Entourage just works better," one reader criticized.

Another reader praised the improvements in Mac OS X 10.2's version of the built-in email program: "I hated the first version of OS X mail, but with its new anti-spam and filtering features, it does everything I need extremely well."