Apple has gained new users in several countries, according to a report from WebSideStory.

Apple has gained a foothold in Switzerland, where its usage share as of January 2, 2002, was over six per cent. While Mac usage in Japan has fluctuated between six and seven per cent since March 2001.

However, Apple is lagging behind in the race for global market share. For the past three years, Apple's share has been less than three per cent. Mac's global usage share as of January 2, 2002, was 2.32 per cent, compared to Microsoft's 96.28 per cent as of the same date, according to WebSideStory.

Geoff Johnston, vice president of product marketing for StatMarket, said: "Although Apple is a distant second in the race overall, in some regions and industries it is too prominent to be ignored by companies developing Web applications."