RealNetworks has reawakened its Harmony technology that made it possible to play tracks bought from Real on the iPod.

RealNetworks chief strategy officer Richard Wolpert revealed that "Harmony now supports all shipping iPods, including iPod photo", writes

When Real first released the Harmony software last summer Apple accused the company of using "Hacker tactics", and reacted by updating its software so that Harmony wouldn't work.

RealNetworks' Harmony software, which allows songs to be played directly on an iPod or on a Microsoft-based device, is limited to the company's pay-per-song store. Songs downloaded from the new Rhapsody subscription service are only compatible with Windows-based MP3 players.

In its backlash against Apple, Real is also offering 25 tracks for free each month. The move is intended to entice music lovers to sign up for Real's new Rhapsody subscription service.