Apple's partnership with Nike may generate a range of converged products for sports.

A report on Wired speculates at the opportunities available for integrated products for sportsmen and women.

The Nike/Apple iPod-sneaker combo depends on a small sensor in the shoe which communicates with the iPod using a proprietary form of Bluetooth technology. It's an accelerometer, the report claims.

The sensor sends data about foot steps taken to the iPod, which turns that into information about speed, distance and calories burned.

In future this could be developed. As reported last week, Apple has already filed a patent for technology which would change the tempo of music being heard to reflect the pace of an activity.

Future products could extend the data-gathering. Conceivably, information about heart rate, temperature and blood pressure could be tracked.

Because the existing solution uses Bluetooth to transmit this data, information gathered could conceivably be aggregated across a football team, for example.

Such technologies could also have applications in automobile technology, Wired ruminates.