Net Applications has released new data which shows a boost in Mac marketshare - at least among the online community.

According to the internet monitoring firm's May 2007 statistics, Macs accounted for 6.46 per cent of online traffic. This splits down into 3.95 per cent for non-Intel Macs and an additional 2.51 per cent for Intel-powered ones (up from 2.32 per cent in April).

The figures reveal that Mac marketshare climbed a quarter of a percentage point between April and May. Apple captured 4.33 per cent of online marketshare in August 2006, meaning monitored Mac marketshare has risen 2.13 percentage points since then.

The increased share reflects a historical upward path: Marketshare has climbed since August 2006, when it stood at 3.21 per cent.

Net Applications gathers its data through its monitoring network of 40,000 websites. Data is aggregated, summarised and published on a monthly basis.

Windows Vista currently accounts for 3.74 per cent marketshare, with Windows XP leading the market with 82.02 per cent.

Safari usage has also increased, from 3.19 per cent in June 2006 to 4.82 per cent in May 2007.

Internet Explorer usage continues to decline. Its share now stands at 78.67 per cent, down from 84.04 per cent in June 2006. Firefox usage now stands at 14.54 per cent.