AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) Alliance member IBM and Apple’s streaming media partner Akamai are working to bring together a mixed software-service to let users speed up Web-content delivery.

IBM revealed it would make it easier for enterprises and service providers to implement Akamai's FreeFlow high-speed Web content delivery service. Previously, it took time and money to customize a user's WebSphere server software to link to FreeFlow - now users need only download the Akamai hooks for free off the Web.

Akamai delivers Web content to its users over its worldwide network two to ten times faster than normal delivery rates, says Joe Damassa, vice president of IBM's WebSphere. IBM’s Global Service branch already resells the Akamai service offering.

The Akamai hooks for WebSphere will be available September 15. IBM's enterprise-level WebSphere Advanced Edition starts at $7,000. Eventually, new WebSphere users will be able to request that the Akamai code be preloaded for them, Damassa says.