Apple's QuickTime 7 technologies have won a major coup in Europe, following Interoute's decision to support the multimedia software - and over one billion QuickTime downloads have taken place so far, Apple confirmed.

Interoute is one of the largest voice and data networks in Europe. It offers access to its service to corporate clients who demand data security and uncongested bandwidth.

EMI Music uses Interoute to distribute pre-release music using the company's Share! media distribution system. EMI distributes official pre-release tracks to partners worldwide in an attempt to prevent pre-release piracy.

3G in focus on new media move

Interoute today announced full support for QuickTime 7, including a global deployment of the QuickTime Streaming Server to enable the distribution of scalable digital content.

The news may also herald more widespread adoption of QuickTime 7 formats within the mobile phone industry, particularly for 3G implementations.

"We are delighted to offer QuickTime 7 to our customers," said James Kinsella, Interoute's executive chairman.

"The overall quality of the new H.264/AVC video in QuickTime 7 is tremendous and made this a very easy choice. We see a huge opportunity with QuickTime 7 providing the foundation for us to deliver standards-based MPEG-4 and 3G content to our customers."

Apple's senior director Mac OS X audio and vide Frank Casanova said: "With over a billion copies of QuickTime downloaded it's clear that high quality, standards-based streaming is what companies want to offer their customers around the world."

Apple technology boosts experience

In typical Apple style, Casanova added that the company is "thrilled" at Interoute's decision to support QuickTime, which will: "Change the way users experience video on their computers and mobile phones", Casanova said.

Interoute will launch the latest version of its Media Manager platform this month. Media Manager 2.1 is an industrial strength media streaming and delivery platform for Web, mobile and IPTV. It uses QuickTime 7, QuickTime Streaming Server and Xserve G5 servers to deliver large scale, high quality, content.