Apple’s share of the UK consumer-desktop market grew by 63.7 per cent, well over the industry average in the first quarter of 2000, according to a recent IDC report.

The results of the report show a 24.5 per cent growth in the consumer-desktop market in the first quarter of 2000 against the same quarter last year.

Apple has enjoyed significant UK sales growth in the last year (see Apple sees UK sales soar), and sales of the iMac show the growing strength of the brand. The company shipped 14,039 consumer-desktop machines (iMacs) in the first quarter of 1999, but 22,975 computers left the shelves in the first quarter this year. Apple enjoys a 4.8 per cent market share in the sector, and a 3.5 per cent slice of the UK PC market overall.

In the consumer desktop space, IDC’s figures show both Fujitsu Siemens and Compaq suffering falling sales.