Apple has scooped another award: this time for its Silhouette iPod advertising campaign.

The Magazine Publishers of America gave the company behind Apple's advert TBWA\Chiat\Day the Grand Prize Kelly Award of $100,000 for the campaign, that shows silhouettes of people dancing against luminous backgrounds.

Kelly judge Mike Hughes told AdWeek: "The advert demonstrated to people that you don't have to spend a lot of time talking about features to get people to make a human connection with your product. Also, one of the core values for Apple is design. To reinforce that without ever talking about it, just by art direction, is an incredibly smart and effective device."

On target

While some UK advertising experts agree that the iPod campaign is effective, others are concerned that they appeal only to a small demographic.

Media Week senior editor Mike Butcher told Macworld UK: "Targeting youth makes sense from a prime-marketing perspective but because the iPod is not the cheapest player around, this would suggest the market is actually a bit older."

He added: "Most of the people I see with iPods are in their 30s. By advertising specifically at the youth market Apple may be missing making more sales. I think Apple has a nut to crack when it comes to positioning versus the marketing of the product."

AdAge editor Scott Donaton disagreed: "These ads appear to be aimed at a narrow group, but it is a group where there is the most opportunity. Young people are the largest purchasers of music and, in recent years, are the ones more likely to have used illicit sites to download music free. The ads have a wider effect. They don't alienate older consumers but draw them in by appealing to their youthful spirits."